Cortland Lions Club

Renting the Lions Den

The Lions Den is available for rental almost every weekend, and some week nights, for private events and is available to anyone. We have many families and businesses that use our building for special events including: Birthdays, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Family Reunions, and much more. Filled dates are marked on the Schedule.

Cortland Lions Den
The Cortland Lions Den has a full kitchen available with your rental.

The Lions Den features a large kitchen with pass-through to the dining room area.
Cortland Lions Den seats 100 with 15 tables.
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The Den seats 100 people around 15 long tables. Booths line the far wall and accommodate four to six people each. The seating/dining area features a working fireplace and plenty of light. Views are of beautiful Cortland Community Park.

Parking is shared with Cortland Community Park with space for 100 people. Recycling is available onsite.

The full kitchen has three ovens, two grills/planchas, a range, a refrigerator, stainless steel prep table, warming table, and pass-through to seating/dining area.

The fee for rental is $200 per event, and $100 per event for Lions Club members.

Please use the form below to request a time for your next event.

All day is considered to be 8 am to 9 pm.

The name of your event.

The rental agreement must be completed to reserve the Lions Den. To fill in the rental agreement online please click here.


Updated February 1, 2018