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FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about the Lions Club? Trying to make a Lions Den Reservation and feel lost? Want to know more about an Upcoming Event? Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Cortland Lions Club and their website.

General Website Information

How do I navigate the site?

To navigate the main pages of the site, use the menu system in the yellow band near the top of the screen. To navigate quickly to a specific Upcoming Event, click on one of the events listed on the right hand side of most pages. If you are viewing from the Schedule you can click on Events in the yellow menu system.

Renting the Lions Den

How do I rent the Lions Den Online

To rent the Lions Den Online, first go to the Lions Den Schedule to check available times.

After you have checked to see if the Lions Den is available for your date and time, then go to Renting the Lions Den. Fill in the form found below the description of the Lions Den facilities.

You will be asked if you have filled out the Rental Agreement. If you wish to fill it in online, please click the link labelled click here. It will open the form in a separate window or tab for you to fill out before clicking the submit button. If you want to print out the form and mail it in with your payment, please choose the option labelled I am mailing the rental agreement with my check.

After submitting both the Lions Den Rental Form and the Lions Den Rental Agreement, your event will have a status of pending. This means that we are waiting on the receipt of your check. Please mail in your payment (made payable to Cortland Lions Club) as soon as possible following making your reservation. When we receive your check, your event’s status will be upgraded to scheduledand it will appear on the schedule.

What does the error message There is already an event running at Cortland Lions Den at that time/ERROR: Some fields are not valid mean?

If you are using the Lions Den Reservation form, and you receive the above message after clicking on the submit button, then the Lions Den is already reserved for that date. Please consult the Lions Den Schedule and choose another date for your event if possible. We are sorry but more than one event can not be scheduled for the same date and time.

If your event will be outside, please contact the Town of Cortland for information about reserving the shelter in Cortland Community Park.

How can I fill in the Rental Agreement?

You have two choices to fill in the Lions Den Rental Agreement. To fill the form in online at our website, click here. If you would like to download the form, print it out, fill it in, then mail it in with your check, click here.

Do I have to fill in the Rental Agreement every time I make a reservation?

Short answer, yes. Everytime you make a reservation you will need to fill in the Rental Agreement at this time.

How do I cancel my event reservation?

To cancel your reservation, please use the Contact Us form on the website. Choose Reservation Manager in the contact options drop down. In the message field, please give the date, time, and title of the event that you would like to cancel. In the email field, please be sure to use the same email that you used to reserve the Lions Den.

To receive a refund, you must cancel earlier than 30 days before the event, starting at the date that your event was upgraded to scheduled and we received your check. So, for example, you made your reservation on Novemebr 4th for a holiday party on December 30the. We received your check on November 5th, and your status was upgraded to scheduled on the same day. You would then have until Novemebr 30th to cancel in order to receive a refund.

Of course, if you change your mind and wish to get a refund before we receive the check, please let us know, and we will either return the check to you, or merely delete the pending event, depending on whether you have mailed the check or not.

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