Cortland Lions Club

Club Officers

Meet your current Cortland Lion’s Club Officers.

Cortland Lions Club President — Dr. Nathan Stewart

President Nathan Stewart ImageDr. Nathan Stewert was born in Amboy, Illinois.

He practices chiropractic medicine in Dekalb, Illinois. He currently resides in Dekalb with his wife, baby girl, and dog.

Cortland Lions Club Vice-President — Ryan Morse

Vice-President Ryan Morse ImageRyan Morse was born in Saint Charles, Illinois.

He currently resides in Cortland, Illinois with his wife, Amanda, two daughters, and two dogs.

Cortland Lions Club Secretary — Heather Brescia

Secretary Heather Brescia ImageHeather Brescia was born in Sycamore, Illinois.

She is a teaching assistant at Cortland Elementary School and an optician at Pearl Vision. She currently resides in Cortland with her husband, Anthony, daughter, Katelyn, and two dogs.

Cortland Lions Club Treasurer — Open

The position of treasurer is currently open. Heather Brescia is serving as interim treasurer.